Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This Flyer is in a "Holding Pattern" right now..

This Flyer is in a "holding pattern" right now..

Remember the NEWS I had a week or so back...that I had some huge announcement?!?  

  Well, I just received word, that the project is being shelved until a later date.  : (    I am a wounded bird.  
Maybe this is what the baby bird feels like when she leaves the comfort of the nest....she launches..she's in flight..she's beginning to soar...and then, ...what happened?1? She finds herself on the ground walking around...  But this baby bird is already thinking .."now, what am I going to do to get myself up there, once again,  into that big blue sky and soar amongst those white fluffy clouds...and umm...not to mention, the STARS!!!

Maybe I'm only on a "layover"... (I hate lay-overs, but the flight eventually gets to it's destination, right?)
Well, the project isn't a done deal. But, I was to be an artist featured in a wonderful published book.  The author has done other fabulous books, so that's why I was so excited to be included! If you know anything about publishers, you would understand that they may suggest changes, before the book is to be published.   Being shelved for now, might mean that those changes have to be thought out, written, maybe more ideas incorporated into the stories & etc.. So there is hope.

Why does s it always seem to happen to me, that when I get that big opportunity...something happens ..not by anything I've done but, the change of events means I missed that big chance.

Makes me think I need to be like that baby bird...Get up, dust myself off (mend my wounded self), and flap my wings...see if I lift off the ground a little.  If I continue to flap, maybe a gentle breeze will come by and lift me...or at least blow me into a different direction.  Well, what ever direction I blow to, or where ever the winds takes me, I know I will continue to keep my eye on that soar like the wind!


Alisa Steady said...

Oh, Joan! I'm so sorry that the project got shelved for the moment, and I know exactly how you feel! It's okay, though. Some times things happen that are out of our control. The good news is that you were approached to be included because your artwork is wonderful (as are you!). And, shelving just means the deadline has changed - so, could still happen. I look at these 'set backs' really as 'on hold' because some other opportunities are approaching and will need your time, etc. So, I look forward to hearing what new and wonderful things are heading your way! xoxo

Joan Carver said...

Thank you sooo much Alisa for make me feel better. It's amazing, when setbacks or disappointments happen I always (before this) would never mention them, only the good news. I am a positive person, or try to be. So, when something like this happens I usually just go on and don't mention it. I'm sad about it , rather than hide, I wrote about it. So, NOT like my usual "me"..but I felt like we all share out experiences and it certainly is one I wanted to share.
By the way Alisa your blog is so beautiful & it, was on it earlier today!!!

Kristen said...

It's just a change in flight pattern. The destination may still be the same, and who knows...maybe you are headed to an even better destination! Maybe your own book? Sending you some magical winds to help you reach those stars <3

June Maddox said...

It will all unfold in time, just in it's own time. Frustrating but have faith, carry on and be better than ever. Your post shows you are already doing that so...hooray for you!!!!

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