Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Letter from Heaven...

This new 5 -week long class that I'm taking, really makes you think..and get motivated.
 I found myself looking through some files and piles of paper that I had "saved" because I thought at the time that it was good advice or something I "should do" to get myself and my art out there!  But, there the piles of paper sat,...neatly filed...for the "someday" that never really came...until now!  I need to pick up the files, blow off the dust, and dig in and follow some of the advice and tips, contact some art galleries, read the saved  articles & submission form that have not been filled out because of a fear of rejection. Now is the time to face my fears, leap fearlessly and spout wings!!  My course Flying Lessons and artist & teacher Kelly Rae Roberts are helping me to do just that!

It's amazing, when I rummage through my papers, (I do this from time to time, usually when I'm searching for a way to branch out or better myself), I can be taken by surprise in finding an encouraging note or an old saved letter from my mom (that has passed).  What a surprise!..and yet, that letter usually is just the right advice or just the message I need to hear. Finding these letters always make me smile...they are like a much-needed visit or a phone call from her!

 This time it was a note, from my brother, in the service at the time, scribbled at the end of a letter to my mom & dad with a P.S. directed especially to me! WOW, what are the chances that I would come across this letter?..and in this pile of papers?  I was only a child when that note was sent, but it was saved.  What timing!! I needed to hear from him. Oh, how I loved him and looked up to him. Because he was an older brother, he gave advice and definitely encouraged me to use the talent that God gave me.
  He was probably the most influencial person in my life.  Sadly, he passed years ago, but do you know what?  He is here with me, I know it, because I found the scribbled note to me, to remind me to use my talents, get motivated, promote myself, so that others will be able to view and enjoy my artwork in galleries, magazines and hopefully enjoy having it hang in their businesses and homes.
That's exactly what Kelly Rae Roberts is teaching us to do, too!..... (smile).

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Little Artist!

 What a surprise! My sweet niece Kelly, sent me this photo of her adorable daughter Sophia. She wants to be an artist...  I think she might just take after her Aunt Joanie!!
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Scribble, scribble ...

Sribble, Scribble
Scribble, Scribble.  I just discovered this site and had so much fun drawing & scribbling!
It was my very first time to draw with this site, but after my first attempt I realized it looked alot like a DOG!!
Try it out for yourself may get addicted.  I'm going back to try some more doodles.

Painting "WATER" just makes me happy!

I BELIEVE... - painting "WATER" makes me happy...the colors, the subject, & the feeling.
                       - that water and art has the power to heal the maker & the viewer!
                       - we're all mostly made of water
                       - we all came from water
                       - the earth's surface is mostly water
                       - water can be calming.  That's what I want my paintings to capture, so they bring
                          calmness to the viewer, in an office environment or home surroundings! Enjoy!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

So Excited...I regestered for my first e-course!

        I am so excited!  I registered for my very first e-course.  I have taken workshops before to learn a new techique or to learn from an artist that I admire their work.  But, this is different...
This course is online. Yay. And, it is NOT a class to learn how to paint, draw or is a class to learn how to promote yourself and your art as a business! I can read,  learn and follow the information as I want.  I actually registered last night, and already today (Sunday) was Day One, of the first week, of five exciting weeks!   Kelly Rae Roberts is the teacher and I am thrilled to learn from this girl.  I have her book Taking Flight and have admired not only her work, but her continued success...she is such an inspiration!
        I began printing off what the class will cover.  Then, I printed off the first days information. I already slipped those pages into clear "page protectors" and into a brand new binder.  Excited to soak up all the tips she gives out.  More to come my way tomorrow......Can't wait. I am ready to learn.

Skipping Stones - Oil on wood panel

                                        Skipping Stones - Oil on wood panel 48 x 31.5" x2"
        This is one painting I have wanted to do.  I think I had a little bit of fear to create this one.  But, I have a notes in my art studio that says "No Fear" "Face your fears" & ..."Leap Fearlessly". So, I leaped...LOL.   I like how it turned out, so I wouldn't mind trying another similar one with different rings and colors! 

Morning Mist - 30 x 40" oil on canvas

                                                           Morning Mist - oil  30x40"

                                                 The colors just seem to be so calming.
                                             It is early morning, before the beautiful sun
                                             makes it's appearance for the new day! 

Tide Pool

                                                     Tide Pool  - oil on canvas 30 x 24"
                              I wanted to capture the tide pools that form when the tide moves out
               and leaves some of the water behind in little pools.  The rippling designs are so
               interesting that the water has formed into the wet sand.  I think that nature is so
               beautiful, in it's colors and patterns.