Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Canvas Clutch Bags - Bags you would find at all the beach & island resort boutiques

These are only a couple of the Canvas Clutch Bags I have available!  The bags are durable and sturdy, yet unique and attractive.  Each of the bags is an original piece of art, hand-painted and signed by the artist.
Bright, colorful, and stylish...and they will stay that way because of a special coating to keep them clean and protected. These adorable bags hold all your necessary items.  Convenient, because you can use it as a purse for a lunch date, then later, toss into a larger tote, or beach bag!
*I'll post more styles, I promise!....but you can always notify me for a custom color or design at no extra charge.
Great gifts for the "difficult-to-buy-for", bridesmaid gifts, graduation, ...even a congratualtions gift!

The Clutch bags are available in Large (13" x7.5" closed) -$75  and Small (10.5" x 5" closed) -$55.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Making Waves..... Beach Designs!

I am an artist that paints on canvas....oil paintings, mostly. Selling my art in various art galleries has always been a dream come true for me, however, the past few years my creativity took an additional path. I hand-paint designs onto canvas handbags... Clutch bags, totes, resort-style beachbags, and I even expanded into painting pillows, silk scarves and woman's clothing!

I guess you could say that most of my paintings have something to do with the beach..
The ocean. The water and it's waves and reflections, inspire me to paint. Coastal birds, children playing at the beach, sunsets, seashells, and it's sealife all find their way into my paintings.

Seaside vacation spots and cruises to the islands stir the excitement within me! My creations and accessories are unique items you would find at the island destination's boutiques and fine art galleries.

Each of my designs is an original work of art! Enjoy looking at these one-of-a-kind creations, and hopefully, you will find that special piece you can't live without!