Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Special "Pet Portrait Painting" Drive

Crazy, Inexpensive Pet Portraits, 

so I can raise money for a "best friend"!

 The reason for this special Pet Portrait Drive is a good cause to help with the costs of a very necessary, emergency and RARE surgery for a five month old pup;  ALL the money (every penny) from my artwork will go to the surgery costs. See her story below...

Pet Portraits by artist Joan Carver

If you've always wanted to have your loving pet's likeness in a pencil drawing, a watercolor or an acrylic painting... here's the opportunity!  
The reason for this special Pet Portrait Drive is to help with the costs of a very necessary, emergency surgery for a five month female old pup named Jaeger. ALL the money (every penny) from my artwork will go to the surgery costs.  Now's the time! 
(Available now ...Limited Time Only at these prices!)
A great gift, or rememberance, for yourself or a loved one. What a fabulous gift to have their furry friend captured in an original piece of art, and custom to your colors & composition! And at these prices, I may have to limit the amount of pieces I can create . 
(Several examples of my pet portraits at the end of this post.)

Graphite Drawing      8x10     $100.

Watercolor painting    8x10     $125.

  Acrylic Painting     8x10   $150   on flat canvas panel (for box canvas 1.5" deep add $15.)
                                        11x14   $230  on flat canvas panel (for box canvas 1.5" deep add $15.)

        Acrylic Painting        12x12       $250.  (price includes  1.5" gallery wrap/box canvas)
        Acrylic Painting        18x18       $350.  (price includes  1.5" gallery wrap/box canvas)

                         Or you can contact me with your size and I can give you a price.  I am just trying to keep them at an affordable price & size for this special event. Larger size canvases are available.

    The reason for this special Pet Portrait Drive is to help with the costs of a very necessary, emergency surgery for a five month old pup;  ALL the money (every penny) from my artwork will go to the surgery costs. See below as to how to contact me with your order.

This is my way of helping a young, female Weimaraner pup named Jaeger.

Here's her story...
Adopted at the normal 11 weeks, this pup was a healthly, typical, playful new little Weimaraner puppy, named Jaeger (meaning "The Hunter" in German).  Strikingly good looking and very-good natured, this pup was on a growing streak! She went from 20lbs., when I first saw her in August, to 40lbs. weeks later in October.

Jaeger in October 2015

After many vet doctors & specialists, blood tests, x-rays, CT scans, and evaluations it was decided that surgery can help this unfortunate, very rare, situation. Jaeger needs this surgery to be able, to eat, lap up water, pant, lick, play and finally be able to hold a ball or frisbee in her mouth... to have a normal life.
They're enduring the cost of this surgery to save this dog's life. Every portrait I create will go to help with the medical bills. Thank you for your prayers.... your purchase and/or contribution. 

Note:  While all of this was going on, I thought.."Why did this have to happen?  Millions of people get dogs everyday and I've never heard of this condition!"   Well, I looked for the reason, hoped I'd find the good that would result, if there was any... You know what I came up with?  I'm glad my son, Ryan & Leigh adopted Jaeger, because they're going to do what they can to see that she gets the chance to have the surgery and be able to live a normal life.  We still don't know how this story will end...but, I believe it will have a Happy Ending!  I'll keep you posted!    

If you would like a pet portrait of your furry friend :
1. Send me an email  ( with your name, address, contact phone number and email.  Please put PET PORTRAIT in the subject line of your email to me!

2. I need a GOOD photo or several of your pet. It needs to be close-up so I can see the details; their eyes, and fur color and etc. ..sending a few photos would help me to choose the best for the artwork and capture his/her personality.
3. Mention the size and medium ( ex: pencil drawing, or size painting) you would like your pet portrait.
I will get in touch with you to confirm details, colors, composition and etc.

4. Make check out to: Joan Carver for the custom artwork. I will send a photo of the artwork at completion for your approval before mailing.  Tax and Shipping will be added to the cost of the artwork so please inquire.  I can let you know the mailing cost, as well as discuss, how I will send the piece to you. 

5.   Website:  See Examples of Joan's artwork and more Pet Portraits!                           Email:
                            ....Contact me for your pet portrait!

      Facebook:   Joan Gabauer Carver   and JoanCarver -Artist
      Twitter:    JoanCarver


 Jaeger        12"x12" acylic painting     by Joan Carver

Dow Jones -  12 x 12 acrylic painting

Gunner -  8x10 Acylic painting

Gracie & Wesley  - 36 x24 Acrylic painting

Bordeaux Bleu - 8x10 Acrylic painting

Roscoe - 8x10 Acrylic painting

Bear -  8x10 Acrylic painting

Pet Portraits!!!!

Baru  -  18x18 Acrylic painting

Shooter - 8x10 Acrylic painting

Teddy - 8x10 Acrylic painting

Rumba  - 18x18 Acrylic painting






Please Help!...Order your PET PORTRAIT PAINTING today!!! This drive is for a good cause offering you a wonderful custom, original, "one-of-a-kind" painting at a discounted price while you are helping save a young pup's life!  THANK YOU!   

On the easel last night and tonight:
Beau -  11x14 Acrylic painting

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First Coast Living - TV Appearance!

First Coast Living 

Joan Carver's 

Television Appearance

Joan Gabauer Carver on the set of  First Coast Living, with her paintings!

        I cannot believe 
             that I actually appeared on television last week!  
It all happened so fast, ..I was asked to appear on First Coast Living WTLV - NBC Channel 12  (Channel 432 HD Cable) and then within two days I was on the show!  I didn't have time to get nervous.  I faced any fear that I may have had ..and said YES to the offer to be on the show... I'm so glad I did it!!
I promoted my art work along with my current art exhibit, "Color It Coastal" going on now through May 20th, at First Street Gallery (Neptune Beach, Florida).  The show's host, Nick Loren, asked me about my handpainted clutch bags, so a few of the bags were shown, too.  Lastly, It was wonderful of Nick to mention that my book Reflections of an Artist that will be available on Amazon ( this coming week!!! 
(Search for my book  on by Title: Reflections of an Artist  or  by author: Joan Gabauer Carver)

See the interview by clicking here FIRST COAST LIVING - Joan Gabauer Carver

Joan Gabauer Carver (center) with hosts Casey Black DeSantis & Nick Loren

Friday, May 9, 2014


Reflections ...of an Artist by Joan Gabauer Carver |

My newest book
will be available on  in a few days!!!!!!!

Search for it : By Title -  Reflections of an Artist
                      or by Author - Joan Gabauer Carver

Monday, May 5, 2014

Making A Splash at the Beach!

Making a Splash at the beach 

while I "Color It Coastal"!

Making a Splash is something I've always wanted to do! I am proud and enjoying the publicity, of my exhibit "Color It Coastal" because I want lots of people to know what I do, so they can enjoy having my paintings in their homes, offices .. to brighten up their  living spaces!  If you want paintings with calmness, soothing seaglass colors , but with healing and positive energy then check out my paintings at (Click link)
and First Street Gallery, Neptune Beach, FL. April 3 - May 20th 2014 

This article was written about me, Joan Carver and my artwork  by Lara Patangan of Shorelines with The Times-Union newspaper in Jacksonville, Florida -published April 26th 2014

Thank you, so much, Joann Adams owner of First Street Gallery, Neptune Beach, FL  and 
Lara Patangan of Shorelines, of The Times-Union in Jacksonville, Florida
--  Joan Carver

"Color It Coastal" - Publicity from Beaches Town Center Site

Color It Coastal

    Joan Carver - April 3 - May 20, 2014 - Opening reception Friday 4/4/14 7-9pm
    For Florida artist, Joan Carver, her journey to create art is a life-long commitment. Since living in Jacksonville, she has captured many moods of the sea and is obsessed with the reflections on the water’s surface and it’s deep hidden mysteries beneath. Fortunate to be surrounded by water, she lives on the St. Johns River, close to the Inter-Coastal Waterway and near the Atlantic Ocean.  Favorite beaches provide the quiet walks and meditation she needs to center herself, yet the water is the current that inspires and electrifies her creative process.
     After spending many years teaching art in both public and private schools, she eventually opened her own art school.  For 18 years, “The Wizard of Art” school provided a place for art enthusiasts to discover their own creativity and talent.  Children, Teens and Adults enjoyed classes while discovering various forms of art. She herself studied with many celebrated artists, from across the country & Europe, taking workshops and classes, to always offer her students the latest styles and techniques. Because she was always teaching about art history, artists, different forms of art , she was able to enjoy doing and demonstrating various mediums, such as watercolor, pastels, oils…instead of sticking with one medium.  In addition to the oil paintings of water & reflections, that she has in numerous galleries, she enjoys painting the beautiful surroundings of lush landscapes and mysterious seascapes.
    Joan has published three books, portfolios of her work, showcasing her paintings – representing a new series of work or compiled for a solo exhibit. She is currently working with a publisher on a book based on interviews with international artists she has written and posted on her blog Making Waves. The interview series, titled Soaring to Success, will feature artists, their unique artwork and creative space or studio.

    First Street Gallery
    216-b First Street
    Neptune Beach, FL 32266

    Friday, April 25, 2014

    "Color It Coastal" Exhibit - April 3 -May 20th 2014

                                     "COLOR IT COASTAL"  

                          An exhibit of Joan Carver's Paintings

                                                    April 3 - May 20, 2014


    "Hydra Zen"  (CalmWater)


    "Skipping Stones"

    The month of April has been such a fabulous month for me!  My art exhibit  "Color It Coastal" at  First Street Gallery  in Neptune Beach, Florida, has alot of my oil paintings that are of water & water reflections, but includes some various seashell and sea turtle paintings!
    The  Color It Coastal show runs April 3 through May 20th, 2014.  An Opening Reception was held on Friday April 4th 7-9:00 pm with an outstanding turnout!  I am thrilled to report, it was wiggle room only in the gallery,  wine was flowing, and music filled the air in the courtyard on this exceptionally beautiful evening at the beach! I am grateful to those of you that purchased art that evening... the first painting sold, at the opening reception,

    was the sea turtle painting I titled "Are You Looking at Me?"
    Thank you for all who came to celebrate the opening night of my "Color It Coastal" show. If you couldn't make it that evening, there's still time to drop in to see the exhibit.
    To see more of my paintings visit my on:  Joan Carver's website

    You will also find the canvas clutch bags I hand paint.  Each bag is a colorful  work of art, signed by the artist, Joan! There are beachy designs, classic styles as well as custom orders for a special, unique gift!

    Want to see more?  Check out my  Etsy Shop  (click on Etsy Shop for the link!)

     Thanks for visiting my Making Waves Blog!
    "Are You Looking at Me?' (Sea Turtle)

    Wednesday, December 11, 2013

    Unique Santa Ornaments

    I've been as busy as the "Big Man" himself, at Christmas time!!! ...or maybe as busy as his elves are, within these last few weeks before Christmas!!! 

    Yep, I'm creating the adorable, handmade, handpainted, unique Santa ornaments. I have always loved Santa Claus...and I have always adored the charming, old-fashioned German ornaments. Each ornament is different from the other...making it difficult to choose a favorite!! They last forever and will quickly become your treasured pieces on your tree each year!

    I finally have some available in my Etsy shop at-  ..but they won't last long --so get them while they are here!!! So, hurry over and check them out... By the way, have a Merry Christmas!!!

    Old Fashioned Saint Nicholas
     , Kris Krinkle or Santa Ornaments are now available in my shop! $12 each or 3/$30. Handmade & handpainted, they are truly a unique hostess gift, teacher gift or favor for a place-setting at your holiday dinner!...See More