Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sneak Peek... need to sleep on this one!

                                Sneak Peek .....  need to sleep on this one!

It's as if painting lifts any bad mood from me, ..usually, if I'm not feeling the'd think the painting would take on a moody feel.  Not the case, just having that brush in my hand and creating with all the lucious gobs of colorful paint stirs inspiration within me! Well, the music helps too!...if I didn't become an artist I would've had to do something with music, for sure!

Well, I'm trying something new today with my painting.  It is fun to try new things, but not sure about it when the outcome is coming along great, but the layer underneath is reacting in a way I didn't expect.  That's okay,  I won't panic (yet, anyway...) I will study it tonight, from a distance, and see what it needs.  Also, it's a good idea to "sleep on it" and see if the painting changes as it dries...
If I need to "fix" anything, I can do it then.

Want a "sneak peek" ??  I guess I could give you a little peek.... of a small area of the painting. : )

I will post another as I go along - tomorrow...

Want to know something else?...I am going to admit, I have been wanting to do this painting for a while, now.. I kept putting it off, because of the fact that it is a little different from what I normally do!  Boy, am I glad I started it...that's the hardest part.

Well, tune in tomorrow (the pressure is on, because I said it..and now I published me saying)...that I will have a solution and hopefully a completed painting, tomorrow....yippeeee!

                   See ya tomorrow!!!   Joan


Kristen Conley said...

I like it! And I am totally curious what you do with it <3

Sue Grilli said...

Lucky you Jean for being able to paint all day, I just love those days! And your sneak peek is intriguing, can't wait to see the whole thing

Alisa Steady said...

Looking at your sneak peak I'm thinking, "How did she do that!??" It looks fantastic! Intriguing - can't wait to see the final painting!!

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