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Mixed Media Artist: Andrea Saccone Snyder

"Soaring to Success" Interview ...

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                 Mixed Media Artist from North Carolina 

                                ...Andrea Saccone Snyder

1. Introduce yourself..   
Hi all, I am Andrea (Saccone) Snyder  I currently live in Pittsboro, NC (Chapel Hill, Raleigh Durham area) USA  .....I LOVE CREATING ANYTHING!!  But mostly I am a mixed Media Painter.  I have been a hairstylist for 21 yrs and and artist all of my life. 
2. When did you know you wanted to be an artist, writer or photographer?
 I have always known myself as an artist deep down.  As a child I was most content with paper and crayons or markers in front of me.  The feeling of the blank page and the endless possibilities was like a magical world waiting to be opened and I held the only key!  As  a young adult I decided to major in Fine Art in college as it was one of two interests I had...the other being psychology/social work.  I went  to school for a few years then met and fell in love with my now artist/musician husband and somewhere in there decided I could paint anytime, what I wanted was a real job.
 I come from a family of hairstylist's and my mother owned a salon at the time.  My plan was to leave school for a year, get my cosmetology license and return to school and work some for her salon. (It was a local college).  I never went back to college. I put all of my creativity and psychology skills into hairstyling and now 21 yrs later I am the owner of my own salon.   As an adult like so many of us, I put the idea of me being a full fledged artist on the backburner as I thought I needed to make a living doing something else.  (head hung in shame)  I fell for the lies..."that we cannot REALLY make a living doing art".  And honestly I, like many women subjugated my own creativity and myself and I lived through my husbands dreams for his own art.  I decided he was the real artist. Fortunately l  did chose a career that I could  be creative which SAVED me.  But as you might expect...mid life "opportunity"/ BURNOUT....set in recently...and after a much needed period of rest and reflection I made a soul saving decision to commit to myself and my future to my own art.  YAY!!!!
3. What are your fears?  How have you faced them? 
 I have spent the last 20 yrs being ruled by my fears.  I have been through an extensive process of recovering myself.  I have read every  how to get unblocked, self help/creativity book, talked to my friends and family till I was blue in the face.  I have sat in sweat lodges, by ritual fires, gone on solo pilgrimages.  Givin my husband hell (love u hon).   And finally.... I awoke and I realized.  I am the ONLY one who can change my life.  Projecting, transferring, whining and being scared has not done a thing for me. AND I'm 40 now!!!!   No time to waste. All of the trite but true sayings...I will fail for sure if I don't ever try.  I plan on realizing deeply what I KNOW to be true.  I am an artist and an artist need to create.  I will fall, but I am STRONG and I will get up and get over the inevitable hurdles. Nothing could be worse than what I had already put myself through. Even falling can be fun when your on the right path.   I HAVE to believe in myself if I think anyone else is going to.  My soul, my family and friends and the world will all be better off if I am a happy full filed creative woman with a purpose and a paintbrush!!

4. What makes you different…unique from others? 
 Everything I have ever been through or experienced in my life makes me different than others.  No two of us on this big blue ball have knelt at the same graves, kissed the same lips or been inspired by the same beauty.  AND at the same time we are so much all the same (dare I say the same being in different disguises) being human is our common thread. 
I am a bit of a philosopher/mystic type trapped in an Italian girl next door kind of body.
You can find more of my musings   or  WWW.AndreaSnyderFlowGirlDesignsfacebook.comFacebook  Andrea Snyder(FlowGirlDesigns)  at  FlowGirlDesigns

5. Any secrets to reveal about the tools you use or your techniques?  Tips or tricks?   What makes your art special?  
 In my recent work.  I take a common theme. The vessel and infuse it with life thru my painting  process.  This process I think is unique.   I am back to playing with crayons!!  Most Encaustic (wax painting) is done with a resin/ beesewax /pigmant and the layers are fused with heat.  Thus the term Encaustic which means (to fuse)  I paint with waxes / oils/  graphite/ watercolor and collage.  Some of the  wax and some of the pigment I uses comes from melting crayons along with beeswax/ soy wax.  I started working this way one night when I was bored wit my materials.  I watched a few U tube videos about encaustic and decided to try it myself.  I heated things in an old pot on the stove and dove in head first...not into the wax on the stove...but into this new medium!!!!!  I was IN LOVE...I have been experimenting ever since!!!

6. What are your goals & inspirations?  Where will you hope to be in 2 years?  5 years?  10 years?
  I hope to be supplementing my income and eventually get out from behind the(salon)chair a few more days a week.  In 5-10 yrs I hope to have a happy balance of art and beauty in my life and be making an abundant living doing so.  One day I may just make my life about my art and allow the salon to be run by staff. 

7. Where is your creative space or studio?   
A few years back I was fortunate to be able to put a studio in the house we built.  I share it with my husband.  I still would like to get messier than I do...but I am SO grateful to finally have a beautiful space to call my own!!

I am inspired by so many books and quotes, a few of my fav's are...".Be the change you wish to see in the world"  ( a lesson hard learned in my life...still sinking in one day at a time)  "Everything you seek is within"…..Eckart Tolle's Power Of Now  for a reminder of what's real and important
8.How much time do you devote to your work?  (Is it at same time everyday? Are you disciplined to go into your studio at 9:00am every morning?  Or do you wait until you are in a creative mood?)
 I try to spend almost everyday off in the studio or doing something with my new blog or something like the e-class. I no longer run useless errands just to distract myself from my true callings...fear has made me buy way too many pairs of shoes and throw pillows.....I like morning best.  After I drop my son at school I come home and have a quiet house for a few hours( my husband keeps late hrs and sleeps late) .  6 good hrs during the day.  (unless I have a real errand or appt) Pick up my son...hang with him..  and maybe I can get a few hrs at night if I'm not too tired.  I am really trying hard to not be in the salon and wishing I was in the studio.  I want to be present for my clients.  And in the here and NOW.  This is why the balance is so important.  Got to fill the well.

9. What are your “whispers” or callings begging you to do?  (Paint, write a book, sell your items on-line)  What made you decide to take this e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts? What do you want to achieve? 
 There are so many possibilities opening up recently.  I just got introduced to a PR agent who is helping keep me on track. I am going to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help me raise funds for printing supplies to get my online business going (Etsy) I have always had a book idea about the beauty industry so now to think about the possibility of an art book is exciting but a bit overwhelming.  We will see. I decided to do the e-course because the timing was perfect.  I had just committed to my journey but need a road map!!  Now I have it!!  I am locked and loaded!

10. Do you keep a daily journal or sketchbook, or write in a diary? 
 I am on again off again with my journals...I log dreams, and musings...writing about book ideas and creative ideas.  doodles sketches etc...the idea of art journaling is pretty new to me. Mine have never been as elaborate as those I have seen recently.. Old school I guess.  I love to see peoples works.  I need more time to do that next!

11. How do you market yourself? How do you plan to get “the word” out there??  
 I just started my blog in July.  Etsy just before that and still want to get great photos and prints of my newest originals before I sell them.  I plan on selling on Etsy (Prints and originals eventually).  I am going to make my salon a bit more boutiquy  and feature my own and others art.  Galleries too.  I have not done any advertising besides FB and word of mouth.
12. What type of music (if any) do you listen to when you create? 
Sometimes I listen to music in the studio anything and everything....well no rap or hard rock beats...soothing or energetic in an inspiring way.  Not an oh god shoot me kind of way!   Sometimes I like the silence.  Sometimes a podcast or radio talk show.  LOVE Hay House radio

13. Who is your favorite artist, photographer, author? …  In other words, who do you admire, and look up to? 
Kelly Rae now that I found her.  My husband is a very inspiring man and my biggest champion.  I love Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle,  Carl Jung.  I have always loved Monet...mostly his winter scenes. Mary Cassatte, Degas just to name a few.

14. Are you encouraged to follow your creative path by your family or friends?
YES!! YES!!  YES!!
15. How do come up with titles for your work…?
Going within and letting the work speak.  Silence helps.
16. Do you work on one project at a time ..or have several going on at a time?
  I work on several projects at a time...
Thank you Andrea for agreeing to do this interview.  It is so inspiring to read about all the things you are up to and involved with. I wish you tons of success.. with the enthusiasum you have and the plans set in place, I'm sure you will soar to great heights!!
Thanks so much for participating! ...Joan
I owned an art school in Charlotte, NC for 16 years before moving to Jacksonville, FL., so it  thrills me when a classroom full of students, given one assignment, produces such a variety of ideas. …We are all unique, we are all special.  We all have a different path, a different way of approaching our art. That is exactly why I want to do these interviews, to celebrate what makes us, US!      Thank you for participating : )               

                                                     Joan Carver       (e)       904-230-6155


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