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The World of Collage and Mixed Media - Jackie Tury

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                                     Soaring to Success Interview With 
                       Collage and Mixed Media Artist               
                          Jackie Tury

                   Bright, bold and colorful describes her artwork...and her personality, too!

1. My name is Jackie Tury.   I am an artist, dreamer, believer living in Chantilly, VA.  I am passionate about my family,  the beach, nature, art, adventure and photography.  I love to play with paint and paper which has lead me to the world of collage and mixed media.

Artist Jackie Tury

2. Guess I've always known I wanted to be an artist, but it has taken me a while to fully acknowledge that yearning and pursue that passion.  My mom has always been crafty and encouraged creativity.  As a child I loved arts & crafts.  I was always making cards & gifts for friends & family.  I remember designing an entire card line and selling crafts to neighbors door to door one summer.   As an adult, instead of pursuing art, I got my MSW (masters of social work) and became a counselor.  I tried to incorporate art into my work with clients whenever possible.  Next, I became a stay at home mom, which I LOVED!  I was always doing crafty things with my kids (and husband--an artist too).  Around the time I turned 40, I experienced what I call my "mid-life metamorphosis".  I was doing some soul searching and started the journey back to myself.  I had a list of 40 things I wanted to do at 40.   Take a painting class was at the top of the list!  I took the class and never stopped painting!  Soon after, I started "Mother Nurture" groups to help other women rediscover their passions and transform their lives.  When we moved a couple years ago, I took on a full time job as a kindergarten assistant.  I love working with children, but still have the desire to do art full time!

3. My fears as an artist are not being good enough, not being able to make a living at what I love, and not living up to my potential.  Technology is also a fear of mine.  I am a self-proclaimed technophobe!  I am trying to overcome that fear by making myself get on Facebook, maintaining a blog and learning to edit my photos.  I also plan to create a website soon.

A Finalist in  "Cloth Paper Scissors" Submissions

4. I see life as a gift, an adventure, a celebration!  I create because it makes me happy.  I try to incorporate the joy of art into every day and the joy of everyday into my art.   As a result, I hope that my art can bring joy and inspiration to others. I love to add texture and 3-d elements to my artwork--gel medium, beads, cloth, paper, embellishments, etc.  I also love to use inspirational quotes and messages.  I enjoy having underlying messages beneath the layers of paint and collage.  Sometimes I seal my artwork with a coating to add shine or sparkle.  My art is bright, bold, colorful, whimsical and joyful.  Creating art is allowing the child in me to come out and play!   I hope my art makes you as happy as it makes me!  You can see my work on Facebook, on my and in my Etsy shop (, soon to be restocked.

5. I am constantly inspired by new ideas and techniques.  I love experimenting and trying new things. I often try to incorporate pieces of my real life into my artwork--whether it's a cupcake wrapper or candle from my daughter's birthday, a ticket from a concert, a poem I've written or a magazine title or photo that speaks to me.  I developed a technique to create a 3-d frosting effect using real cake decorating tools.  I love paint, gel medium, mod podge, oil pastels, beeswax, patterned papers and all sorts of embellishments.  I surround myself with inspirational art, quotes, and photos.

6. I would love to be a full-time artist.  I dream of someday having my own shop or studio with my own line of cards and gifts.  I would love to be licensed and published and to teach workshops and host creative retreats.

7. My "official" creative space is a section of our home office.  I love the blue walls and the colorful art and inspiration that surround me.  But the reality is, I create wherever there is space at the moment--on the kitchen counter, in the garage, on the dining room table or my favorite spot, on the back porch!

Jackie's creative space!

8. As much as I can, which is never enough.  Because I have a full time job, I try to squeeze in as much art time as possible on evenings and weekends.  Luckily I am off all summer and try to be creative and productive in between trips to the beach.

9.My creative whispers are calling me to get my work out there into the world!  I've been creating and sharing on a small scale for a few years now.  My heart is telling me I need to do more--more creating, more sharing, more selling.  I need to dream big and go for it!  As I mentioned earlier, I would love to host painting parties,workshops & retreats, and get my artwork licensed and published. I signed up for Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons class because I am a fan of hers and would love to follow in her footsteps.  I first read her book when I was just beginning my journey and it brought tears to my eyes.  When I saw that she was offering this class (and for the last time), I jumped at the opportunity.  I am so grateful for the supportive, creative community of fellow flyers! I feel like I am now ready to move forward with my art and let my hopes and dreams take flight!

10. As for a journal, I keep several.  I have a catch-all notebook, a gratitude journal, a power wish journal (I plan to do a blog post on this soon), and a sketchbook.  I try to journal weekly, but am constantly writing ideas down on whatever piece of paper I can find--envelope, post-it, newspaper, napkin, etc.

11. This is an area I definitely need to do better in and one of the reasons I took KRR's ( Kelly Rae Roberts )class.  I want to increase my online presence and sell my work online.  I have been having some success in local galleries and shows, but want to take it to the next level.

12. It depends on what mood I'm in.  I can listen to anything from the Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Lumineers…from classical to the birds chirping on my porch.  Sometimes silence works best for me.

13. Oh so many--Matisse, Monet, Van Gogh, Warhol, O'Keefe, Theibauld.  As far as current and/or mixed media artists, I like Claudine Hellmuth, Sandra Magsamen, Jodi Ohl, Cindy Wunsch, and of course Kelly Rae Roberts.  I also love the books Artists Way and Simple Abundance.

Sending off her art  ..with the best of hopes!

14. Absolutely!  I am so lucky!   My husband is an artist and is my biggest fan and supporter!  My two daughters are also very artsy and supportive!  Our whole house is decorated with our art and photos.  We love making art together and going on artful adventures--photo shoots, galleries, shops, shows, etc.  Last year, we joined a local gallery called the Del Ray Artisans.  We enjoy participating in the different shows and events. Recently,  we all did a show together called "It Runs in the Family".  We each created our own mixed media self portrait, then combined them to make a family portrait.   I love that my family shares art as a passion!  My mom and dad, extended family and friends are all very supportive of my art and my creative journey too.
Tury Family

15. From my journals--self reflections, observations, affirmations. Often the titles are incorporated into the work itself. 

16. Usually I have several projects going at at time, often as part of a series.

Thank you so much, Joan, for this opportunity!  I love that you have created such a wonderful way to share  art,  stories, experiences with fellow artists and flyers!

Jackie, It has been a true pleasure to get to know you.  I personally adore the photo of you when you found out you were a finalist for getting your art into the Cloth Paper Scissors publication. Your work space is so colorful and inspiring - it looks like a fun place to sit and create. 
Wishing you all the luck in the world ...and strong wings to take you to the places you are dreaming of!
Thank you for sharing some of your artistic life with us.             

I owned an art school in Charlotte, NC for 18 years before moving to Jacksonville, FL., so it thrills me when a classroom full of students, given one assignment, produces such a variety of ideas. ...We are all unique, we are all special. We all have a different path, a different way of approaching our art. That is exactly why I want to do these interviews, to celebrate what makes us, US! Thank you for participating : )
If you are interested in being featured on my "Making Waves" Blog please contact me at and I will certainly consider interviewing you for a future post!

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