Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Reflections of an Artist"

                            Reflections of an Artist

     by Joan Gabauer Carver

A new book containing not only the reflection paintings of water and it's reflective surface designs, I am known for, but it includes "reflections" about me, the artist.

   Reflections of an Artist

I am thrilled to share my latest book with you.  The 56-page book was compiled as a portfolio of work, from my "Reflections Series". It also offers you an introduction to the thirty most recent oil paintings I have created, the meaning behind the art, and a glimpse into my artistic life! 

"Water Ballet"

 "I want the viewer to feel the solitude in my paintings and be mesmerized by the water's beauty." 
Ocean inspirations, imbued with the colors of the sea, find their way into my paintings!
The artwork contains textures and paint creating waves of soothing fluid designs. I applied my passion and love onto the canvas, then used my talent to merge the colors with each brushstroke. With the use of the unique colors of beauty, light, personality and tranquility, I wanted to bring the love I have for the sea into my paintings to inspire the environment and surroundings of the room where it may be displayed.


My original art has tremendous energy, many pieces have hidden messages, words, or images buried beneath the layers of texture and paint. Dazzling surface reflections, soft shadows, ripples, drips and swirls dance onto the canvas.  It is a life-long commitment to try to capture the many moods of the sea; whether it's the crashing surf or the meditative power of a calm, placid and reflective water's surface..offering the mind and spirit quietness, stillness and refuge. In each case, I hope the paintings force people to take a second look, to seek, and to engage with the painting...beyond the everyday and into a deeper reality!

"Skipping Stones"

 In the Reflections of an Artist, I included a favorite inspiring quote to accompany each one of my original oil paintings. There are pages that I included to get to know a little bit about me, and about my artwork, my supplies, my "secrets" to bring good vibes to each piece of art I create, my two favorite Bichon Frise pups Matisse and Gucci, and a wonderful piece (page 11) written by a client of mine, she and her husband have become collectors of my art.  
I also have piece (page 15)  I wrote  because I wanted my work to bring awareness about the protection of our environment.  May the water paintings act as a powerful voice to society to protect, heal and promote my cause, to make a positive difference, for cleaner water to benefit our sea life, wildlife and mankind!  

"Rhythm of the Water"

 As one owner of a gallery stated:  
"Her artwork is the result of the excitement and love she has for the water.  Joan is intrigued by the water's surface and manages to capture the feeling with her creative process of intuition, her artistic eye and unique talent."    

You may order a copy of this book through  or contact me for a personally signed copy at:

 "SNEAK PEEK" - Click to view the first 15 pages of the book!

THANK YOU for allowing me to share my latest publication with you! 

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