Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'll be hanging with Jane Seymore!!

That's right, I'll be hanging with Jane Seymore!...  How wonderful is that?
Jane Seymore is a Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actress, author and artist, too!! When I say I will be hanging with her, I will get to meet her Saturday at the Avondale Artworks Gallery, in the Avondale area of Jacksonville, FL 
She has original art that she uses eventually for inspiration for her jewerly line, Open Hearts Collection. Jane uses different media, and paints various subjects, in a style ranging from impressionistic to more realistic. The dinner event Friday night will benefit the St. Vincent's Hospital Foundation program, Kids Together Against Cancer. 
Besides being an artist, I have another thing in common with Jane - we both have a love for water & paint the beauty of the beach, waves, &  ocean.  She uses waves as personal symbols for life in her coastal pieces.  "Life is like a wave - as a wave crashes it gets rid of water it doesn't need, takes in water that has it's own experiences, that's been tossing around itself, and becomes a new wave."

Now, for the best part I am proud to say that I will be hanging with Jane Seymore in the Avondale Artworks  Gallery - not only getting to meet this beautiful, talented artist, but I am the newest exhibing artist to join the Avondale Artworks family!  My work will now be hanging in the same gallery as Jane Seymore!  Hoooray!!!  I'm thrilled, I will deliver a few of my most recent paintings to the gallery as early as next week!
        Want to see more of my  paintings?    Joan's Web-site

Morning Mist (copyright 2012)
 Tide Pool (copyright 2012)

Water Ballet II (copyright 2012)


Renée said...

Geez Joan, that is fantastic. Not only on having this wonderful work of yours hang in a gallery but to hang with the wonderful Jane Seymour. I hope she is as lovely as I think she is.

Have a wonderful weekend.
greetings from Amsterdam,

Lisa Rivas said...

Yay! What fantastic news! Congratulations! You are an "incredibly beautiful star" that shines among stars :-) I am in awe!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, great things here! So glad to be participating in Flying Lessons with so many remarkable and talented women! ~ Seasons of Grace & Wisdom

Mums Bubs and Art said...

So excited for you. Your work is beautiful.

June Maddox said...

Beautiful work here, Joan. I have to say that Morning mist is my favorite... so much there!

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