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How are other people Soaring to Success?

                        Soaring to Success!

Come SOAR with me.....
I have had the pleasure of interviewing some very talented & creative women.  I'm so excited to share my  interviews of artists, writers and photographers.  Learn tips and ideas - read how they are facing their fears, and promoting themselves.  They reveal their secrets and tools they use to create their art, see inside their studios, their work and their plans that lie ahead. 
These girls are ready for "take off "....  Watch them SOAR!
My first Interview was with creative artist: 
 Leslie Harvey

My name is Leslie Harvey, but, you may all know me as Momma Harvey. I live in Newton, Kansas, USA... and no... I don’t own ruby red slippers. lol  What I DO? Well, for my job, I’m the Marketing Manager for the Wichita Kansas Convention and Visitors Bureau. Which means, I help market the biggest city in Kansas to Meeting Planners and Visitors. I do all of the graphic design and manage the website for our company. Now, my passion on the other hand is creating and inspiring. Whether it’s Design, blogging, crafts, fine arts, play doah, cooking, etc, I love it all and try my hand at anything new that may cross my path.

2. When did you know you wanted to be an artist, writer or photographer?
I’ve always been an artist. I can’t ever remember a time when I decided I wanted to create... I always have... it’s in my blood I guess.
3. What are your fears?  How have you faced them?  Or your plans of how you plan to tackle your fears.
My biggest fear is getting lost in the crowd of creativity.  I’ve learned though this class that I’m not the only one who fears this. So, I guess by connecting with others, we find a place in the crowd... even with our fear, and that brings me hope.
4. What makes you different…unique from others? 
What sets me apart in the crowd is taking something beyond what it’s supposed to be. (well, that’s what everyone tells me anyway). I love to problem solve and think WAY outside the box. You can see my most recent work here:

5. Any secrets to reveal about the tools you use or your techniques?  Tips or tricks?  
I have been creating traditional art for years, but, recently started creating more digital art. I use Adobe programs to create my art journal pages am In-LOVE with Tangie Baxter digital products (if it’s ok to put in a plug. Tangie deserves it!) I plan to move from the computer, back into physical creations VERY soon and I’m SUPER excited about it... it’s been TOO long since my hands were covered in paint. :) For my special think that helps me think positive...I LOVE to listen to ENYA when I paint. The music is SO beautiful and flowing.

6. What are your goals & inspirations?  Where will you hope to be in 2 years?  5 years?  10 years?
2 years - I hope to have a nice collection of pieces ready to sell and start participating in local art events. I WILL finally be able to take a Honey Moon with my husband to a beach somewhere... 12 years after our wedding. lol.
5 years - I hope to have my creative business running well. I would also like to be teaching classes at this point. I WILL be planning our first trip to Disney World to introduce my son to the childhood dream I had.
10 years - I hope to have new insight in the creative journey and start fresh with some new ideas. I would also like to have a well established teaching class and help inspire others in their journey too. I WILL be paying off our house and making plans to scope out the lake house we want to purchase.
7. Where is your creative space or studio?   (example: At home in an extra bedroom, kitchen table, a rented space for your craft.)
My creative studio is in our home, on the second level of the house. Our house used to be two apartments. One upstairs and one downstairs. When we bought the house, the upstairs kitchen was dedicated for my studio. We have yet to remodel the upstairs, but, I have big plans for that space when we start!
8.How much time do you devote to your work?  (Is it at same time everyday? Are you disciplined to go into your studio at 9:00am every morning?  Or do you wait until you are in a creative mood?)
I would say that 50% of my day is devoted to work, as, I’m ALWAYS thinking creativly. The rest of my time is devoted to my son and my husband. :)

9. What are your “whispers” or callings begging you to do? 
My whispers are not begging me to do one thing...just yet... I’m still listening as close and I can and keeping my ears perked, but, right now, I’m just soaking EVERYTHING in. There will be a point when I get my “THAT’S IT!” moment, but, it hasn’t hit me just yet. so, until then, I’m preparing and learning. :)
10. Do you keep a daily journal or sketchbook, or write in a diary?  
My journal into my life is my facebook and my blog. I’ve tried to keep diaries for years, but, never seem to stick with them. It used to stress me out that I wasn’t writing things down, until, someone pointed out that my facebook timeline IS my personal diary, as, I share just about everything. LOL.
11. How do you market yourself? 
I’ve started with my blog.  I belong to a handful of online forums and social media groups,. And I’m taking several online classes. I love connecting with people.  Once I actually have something to sell, I may look at etsy, or advertising.
12. What type of music (if any) do you listen to when you create? Enya. :)
13. Who is your favorite artist, photographer, author? …  In other words, who do you admire, and look up to?
whew... the list is too long. I have a favorite in just about every medium and craft. But, my whole life, I’ve ALWAYS looked up to Walt Disney. I’ve done countless book reports on the man and his story. His magic has touched lives in ways I could only wish to. And even after his death, his legend continues on in each generation. Inspiring.
14. Are you encouraged to follow your creative path by your family or friends? LOL. Yes and no. depends on what day and what creative path I’m talking about. They do encourage my spirit and my art... I just think I overwhelm them from time to time with all of my BIG IDEAS. lol Bless their souls.
15. How do come up with titles for your work?
Momma Harvey... um... I really don’t know... probably because I became a mom in 2010 and it’s been the best creative journey I’ve accomplished. And it’s a project I’ll never stop working on. Motherhood is the ULTIMATE masterpiece.
16. Do you work on one project at a time ..or have several going on at a time?
I never have ONE project going. I’ve got 3 projects I’m working on at this very second... as you read this! LOL. I really don’t know what would happen to my mind if I only worked on one thing... brillance... or disaster. (shrugs)


   Wow, Thanks Leslie for sharing your beautiful art, and giving us a peek into your life, (your adorable son!), work and studio.  All your artwork is lovely, and I know you are going to be one girl we will hear more about, because you have those creative wings... and are ready to take-off for flight!  Thank You so much and the best of luck to you!    Joan 


Alisa Steady said...

Fantastic interview Jane and Leslie!! And the photos of Leslie's work are to die for....great job!!!

Kristen Conley said...

Fabulous interview and Leslie is so talented!

Ruth Slater Artist said...

A lovely interview and so interesting to hear your responses to the same questions I'm pondering. I love your graphic style work and agree with Joan's comments that you'll go far x

Joan Carver said...

Thank you for your encouraging comments! It was a pleasure to get to know Leslie. I feel honored and proud to be amongst all you talented people!!!
Joan Carver

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