Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm Melting!!!

I'm Melting!!.... 

                                           (let me explain...LOL!)

Seems to me, ever since I was a child, I was obsessed with the movie the Wizard of Oz. Who would've thought that I would eventually, (in my early 30's)  begin the dream job of opening my own business, an art school (in Concord/Charlotte, North Carolina) and name it The Wizard of Art!  

"Wizard"- meaning a very skilled person and "Art" is what I love to create!! I taught children at first, and soon afterward added teens and adults to the line-up of classes that I offered. I didn't "over do" the Wizard of Oz flying monkeys, or munchkins, no Emerald City..I guess I could've use the "horse of a different color" idea, but I didn't!! LOL  I loved teaching art and sharing art techniques... and I loved painting.

I still love to paint. This new work I'm creating has evolved from the seascapes and water that I love to paint, to the water reflections and water surface shapes and colors, I have been doing lately. It seemed only appropriate, when choosing a new series.. to continue the style I'm known for, and the one that I personally enjoy.

So the new work of  oysters and shells into water-like creations, just happened naturally!   They almost "grow" out of the water...or maybe they liquify themselves as if they are melting!!!  (I didn't realize how my life has so many parallels to this old, yet clever Oz movie.... the line where the witch says she's melting...  LOL! )   Better than than, I'm thrilled with this new idea, and yet so seemed to evolve for me.

Oysters on the Half Shell I     36"x 36"  oils

Oysters on the Half Shell II   36"x 36" oils
Both paintings available Fairfax Gallery

I have been busy as a bee... painting!!!
 I think I broke my own record of painting more than 8 oil paintings in the month of April!  They were large paintings, too! Four of them were 36x36", a 40 x30" and a 36x 24", two 48"x60"...and another started 36"x 48" (I have since completed in the month of May!) I was anxious to complete this new work, because of the interest of an art gallery that wanted to include me in their "family" of artists!

Low Country Oysters 40"x 30" 

This gallery, Fairfax Gallery, (Click link), located in Jacksonville, Florida, was so warm and welcoming to me...they accepted all of the work that I had to offer.  I have since decided to begin a new series of paintings...still along the same ideas and style of what I've been doing.  Water and water reflections, will still be a focus of mine, but now, I'm including oysters and shells that become liquified and water-like!

"In Harmony with Nature"  36" x 36"

You should see this in person!!!.... visit Fairfax Gallery!

 Also, still wet on my easel I created some oysters that have become melted, in a fluidity type of style.

Coastal Loving!

One piece I have just begun working on, is almost like a "creation".. it is taking on a life of it's own.  It's so exciting when something like that happens!!! (that one will be posted a future post!)

A w e s o m e !     Happy Dance!!!!

All these pieces and more are available at Fairfax Gallery 
4216 Herschel St. Jacksonville, FL. 32210
904-384-7724  Just contact them!

I put some of my new work onto notecards, pillows, mousepads, and etc.. check it out! Click on:  joancarver
Keep checking back, I plan to keep adding new products with the new paintings I'm creating!
                                                               Thanks for reading!  Leave a comment, an idea or some inspiration for me...or please share this post to spread the word! I always appreciate the encouragement!! : ))   JOAN 

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What engaging work, Joan! Love them all. Perhaps soon I'll be lucky enough to actually have one hanging in my home. :-)

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