Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm in a new ART GALLERY!!


                               I'm in a NEW GALLERY!!!

I am so excited!  ...I just got accepted into a new prestigious Art Gallery!!!
                                                 Fairfax Gallery
                     It's in the Avondale area of Jacksonville, Florida. 

Fairfax Gallery
It all started when I asked them if they were taking submissions, and just happened to include my website.
You need to know that when you submit artwork to a gallery, sometimes they are kind enough to let you know that they received your submission...others may never acknowledge that they received your email.  If you do contact them to follow-up, they respond with a "we get so many submissions each month, we don't follow-up with any of them...and if we do like someone, it may be a year before we contact them." A little discouraging!!
Well, this gallery liked my work, and asked if I could come in the following Monday at 10:30am!  WOW!
This gallery is first class and they have some of the best artist in town!

I was nervous, ..I wasn't actually certain they wanted my work, ....of course, I was hoping and praying they did but, I didn't assume anything!!
I walked through the door with purse and a tote (carrying information I thought I might need- my book, business cards, price list & etc..). I was greeted with three large, but friendly pups...( my kind of gallery!) and following behind them were the two gallery directors.  I'm certain I gave off the vibes I was thrilled to be there, but never expected such a warm, reception!  I instantly felt "accepted", and like I belonged there! We hit it off immediately!  I listened to the things that they loved about my art and the particle pieces they admired. At that point, I reached into my tote and pulled out the book "Reflections of an Artist",  that I published with all of my most recent artwork from the Reflections Series. He loved that book, by the way! ...and was able to page through it and discuss the pieces with me.

"Skipping Stones" and  "Deep Water" - by Joan Carver

After an hour, of getting to know each other, seeing the beautiful gallery and admiring the other artist's work , we discussed how my prices set well with his prices.... and if he could keep all the pieces I brought with me!! So I left the paintings leaning against the wall..  "Skipping Stones", "Deep Water", "Hidden Messages in Water" and need to take in "The Lore of the Sea", "Hydra Zen", and the newest piece "Three Oysters".

"Hidden Messages in Water" - by Joan Carver

 Oh, and the very best part..... He requested a painting for me to try, because it was so similar to my style.
That afternoon I began painting the idea he had for me...and I painted util 2:00 am!!  (See Below!!!)

Beginning of the painting "Three Oysters"

 Then, worked on it again the next day for 12 more hours.  Lucky for me, we went out of town for the spring break, because I was able to allow the painting to dry a little.  Once I returned, I glazed the piece in the
Progress of  "Three Oysters"

areas I wanted to have darker.  Next I emailed them a photo of the completed painting.  
They loved it!! Their very words are "We WANT IT!!"  

I deliver it tomorrow morning, along with the other paintings, at 10:00 am!!
It is titled "Three Oysters".

I am already a featured artist on the website !! Check it out: 
Fairfax Gallery website

So thrilled with the results! The gallery wants to put it in their front window!!!!!!    
 I'll let you know what happens once I deliver the paintings in a future post!!!                              


Karenliz said...

Congratulations! Well deserved honor. Your art work is gorgeous.

Indigene Theresa said...

Bravo and Congratulations! :)

Jean Wagner said...

Congratulations! I can't think of a bigger thrill than to have my art so appreciated.

Joan Carver said...

Thanks for the support and kind words, girls!!!!!

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