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An Artsy California Girl!! Monica Martin

     I am a  messy hands, up to my elbows in paint, paper everywhere, mixed media artist.... 

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                 This week's artist is from Carlsbad, California...

                                                          Monica Martin

            "Your life is a canvas....make sure you paint yourself a         
                              whole lot of colorful days!!!"

Monica, I think you must be a shy type of girl with interviews, LOL......I found, and  just had to pull some absolutely charming quotes and sentences from your blog! We all want to get to know you better, so I dug around on your blog, in your Etsy shop and Facebook page..and stole some stuff for this interview, along with your input too,  to find out what makes Monica ... create? 
                                                                                        XXOO Joan

1. Introduce yourself. 
I'm Monica Martin, from Carlsbad, California, USA. I am a  messy hands, up to my elbows in paint, paper everywhere, mixed media artist. As you'll see, combining colors and quotes is my favorite.  It took me close to forty years to figure that out that this is what I've always wanted to do, and I couldn't be happier.

The Artsy Girl Studio

2. When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

 I always wanted to be an artist, as far back as I can remember. As a child, I’d always say, I want to be an artist, a Mommy, and a teacher. I am blessed to have experienced all three.

3. What are your fears?  How have you faced them?
My only fears lie in the future. Will I be able to continue my art business going as I get older? With the success I have had so far, I hope to be able to launch into the licensing side of the art business in the coming years.

4. What makes you different…unique from others? 
I think something that makes me different from many artists, is I try to include a message. I start with a quote or inspirational saying, and then paint based on what I feel, and read into that message. It’s not added afterwards. I typically pencil sketch something out for size and planning purposes, because I am including words, I have to plan for them.

My Facebook page:

Look at the project I found, that Monica participated in...

The "Inspirational Card Deck" Swap using a deck of playing cards. 

26 Artists, 26 cards per artist...collected, and made into 26 sets, one for each family 

devastated by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conneticut. It is one
 way to send them the comfort of knowing other people care and send love their way.

In the process of creating the cards.. 
"Inspirational Card Deck"

I am so thankful for all the artists I have meet through my online class, Flying Lessons. 
We now have a group that stays in touch, and that is how I heard about this wonderful 
act of kindness. Jessica Brogan, artist and blogger, put this together, and I am so 
thankful to her. You can find her blog at In Search of Dessert .

5. Any secrets to reveal about the tools you use or your techniques?  Tips or tricks? 
Although this is not really a trick, I tend to use my fingers a lot, for smudging inks, acrylics, and even watercolors. I feel that my art is special because I typically find a quote first, then sketch out what I’d like to see on canvas. It’s not a sketch I actually do on the canvas, but more of a concept. Sometimes it ends up exactly like it, and sometimes it goes in a different direction. I don’t usually paint my own collage papers, but prefer to use ephemera that I find at antique shops. I have found some great sheet music, postcards, and old journals. My favorite quote is “ She knew that she was formed by Gods hands, dreamed up in His heart, and placed in this world for a purpose.” It is a constant inspiration to me that God has always had a plan for me, and it’s to share my artwork with others.

6. What are your goals and inspirations?  Where will you hope to be in 2 years?  5 years?  10 years?
My goal is to continue creating artwork and coming up with new inspirational pieces for my customers. I am currently working on a website, as well as an online shop. When those are both complete, I am researching more about getting my art licensed in the future.  Within the next two years, I hope to be published in more mixed media magazines, and have created an online presence for myself with my artwork. In five years, I would like to be in contracts with licensing agencies, while I continue to create art. By then I would imagine I will be incorporating more digital art into my pieces, as that seems to be the art of the future. In 10 years, my hope would be that my business will involve my two daughters, who have been a huge support as I have pursued this dream. 

I found that Monica has chosen her WORD of the YEAR for 2013.  It is such a wonderful idea to set goals so that you can celebrate your success when you achieve those goals..A personal "word of the year" is a great way to make yourself stick to your plan...even better, is wearing a bracelet as a daily reminder with your word on it!!

Bracelet created by My Chickadee Designs

My word this year is FOCUS; which means to concentrate an effort into a particular area. Well, 
my life has many areas. My first will be to focus on my daughters. Continue to lead them by example, and to show them that being focused and having goals takes not only determination, but dedication. My oldest will graduate from high school this year, and step into a whole new world, called real life. The second thing I'd like to put some FOCUS on is, my art business. It has grown steadily in the past year, and it's time to get focused on the things that will benefit most. It's so easy to say yes to everything, and lose focus on what's best for my business, professionally and personally. And last but definitely not least, is to look outside my world and FOCUS on others. I have been given the opportunity to work with a handful of teenage boys who are currently live in a group home. They have shown interest in the world of art, and I've been asked to teach. I've taught  kindergarteners, as well as adults, but never teens. I plan to explore the many mediums that art has to offer, and let them focus on whatever they find most interesting to them. I have a feeling I will learn more from them, than they could ever learn from me. I am blessed with this wonderful opportunity to share my love for the arts. 

Monica Martin's "Garagio" !!!

7. Where is your creative space or studio? 
My studio is in my garage, which I have fondly named, the “garagio” (garage + studio) Initially I hoped to have it in my home, but as messy as I can get with paint, it is best to be out there. I have two project tables, and many storage baskets and bins to keep all of my supplies. It’s often a complete mess, but somehow I know where everything is. I call it creative chaos.

Her display at a  local street craft market

8.How much time do you devote to your work?  (Is it at same time everyday? Are you disciplined to go into your studio at 9:00am every morning?  Or do you wait until you are in a creative mood?)

I would say I could never devote enough time to my work. There is always something more I could be doing. I typically work between 8am and 2:30, while my daughters are in school. Since I am a single Mom, my afternoons are filled with their activities, and a trip to the post office a few times a week to mail orders to customers. I do not go into my studio every day, since it’s in the garage, and because my desk and computer are in the kitchen. I am the type that has to have the creative mood strike me to create new artwork. It cannot be forced.

9. What are your “whispers” or callings begging you to do?  (Paint, write a book, sell your items on-line)  What made you decide to take this e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts? What do you want to achieve?
I chose to take the Kelly Rae Roberts class after following her blog and reading her first e-book. She had such amazing insight into mixed media art, the business, and all aspects of the creative industry. I chose to wait until I was ready to dive in and devote time to this course, as I knew it would take a lot of energy and effort if I wanted to learn something. The course has changed my life in so many ways. It has helped me focus, put time into positive things, and make smart choices. I am grateful.

10. Do you keep a daily journal or sketchbook, or write in a diary? 

I keep several sketchbooks around. One that I sketch drawings in and another one to jot quotes in. As you will see by the photos, they are not always neat and organized, just more like scribbles or doodles.

11. How do you market yourself? How do you plan to get “the word” out there?

I opened an Etsy shop in June 2011. I started with a dozen art prints, and it has grown from there. Other things I do to market my business is to participate in local street fairs and an event called, The Queen Bee Market. It is a boutique style craft fair, where each vendor has a booth. I feel like I had a successful year in 2012, and hope to see continued growth in 2013. I was also featured in a book called Fundamentally Female, and my blog/etsy shop are listed in the credits for that book. In the March/April 2013 issue of Somerset Studios I am going to have a piece of mixed media artwork featured. I am looking forward to having that as a good connection to my blog.

Somerset Apprentice

My first published artwork in a magazine has arrived! It's been placed in Somerset Apprentice, and I could not be more thrilled, even though I have known for months about it's arrival. Because magazines work so far ahead, this artwork was submitted back at the end of last summer. I feel so honored to be amongst so many fabulous mixed media artists in this magazine. The Spring 2013 Issue is available on newstands within the next week or so.  

 Somerset Studios

12. What type of music (if any) do you listen to when you create?
I always have music on while I am working. I have an eclectic variety of music, from smooth jazz to hip hop. Most days I settle into music by artists like Adele, Alicia Keys and Christina Perry.

13. Who is your favorite artist?
I have quite a few current artists I follow and admire. I would have to say my favorite is Kelly Rae Roberts. I also like the artistic styles of Alisa Burke, Donna Downey, Danita Art and so many others.

14. Are you encouraged to follow your creative path by your family or friends?
Yes! They are the ones who encouraged me to pursue my dream. I was known as the “artsy girl” or “artsy one” in my circle of friends, and so that is how the name of my business was born. It seemed to be a natural fit that my business name became, The Artsy Girl Studio.

15. How do come up with titles for your work?

I always title my artwork by the quote I use within that art piece. It has been an easy way to track them as I have over 100 art canvases I have created.

16. Do you work on one project at a time ..or have several going on at a time?

When I first started my business, I always had several canvases going at the same time. Now that I have a larger inventory, I work on one piece at a time. I also get a lot of requests for custom artwork, so I focus on those individually as well.

THANK YOU,  MONICA for allowing me to take my "artistic license" and dig and pull all those interesting ideas from your blog and other addition to your interview answers.
You are participating in several wonderful projects.  It certainly is fun to be an artist, I know,.. but even more wonderful now-a-days because of the internet.  We can be in touch with other artists, share ideas, our artwork can even offer comfort to those in a crisis as in Newtown, CT. Joining online classes is another fabulous avenue for us artists to meet each other.  I feel fortunate, to have met many talented artists, writers and other creative people through our group from an online class Flying Lessons...and you are one of them!

Again, thanks for participating in my Soaring to Success Interviews! You are the Lucky 13th interview I have published on my Making Waves blog! I wish you much success, and a future filled with all your hopes and dreams...and remember to FOCUS!!   ( I think I need to chose a WORD for me!!!.. Maybe these interviews are my main focus, this year!!!) LOL 
                                                                SOAR, GIRL!!!!   JOAN xxoo

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