Thursday, January 24, 2013

MY NEW BOOK - "Reflections of an Artist"


                  Reflections of an Artist

                         by Joan Gabauer Carver

                 New Book....     Just Published!  

         Just published a 56-page book chock-full of colorful, inspiring, original oil paintings. The book is compiled as a portfolio of work, to showcase my paintings from my Reflections Series. It also offers an introduction to the paintings, the meaning behind the art and a glimpse into my artistic life. So, the reflections are the subject of my paintings, but the book contains the emotions & feelings that becomes "reflections" of me, as an artist. 
         The artwork featured in Reflections of an Artist beholds the love and passion I have for the sea. My walks on the beach seem to nurture my creative process and enthusiasm.The waves, warm breezes and salty air seem to ignite the creative, spiritual side in me. It was natural for me to paint what I love and want to share it with others! 
          I take lots of photos, it is rare to see me without my camera.  Usually, most of my favorite shots become my most unique paintings.  I began to notice the reflections, shapes and colors on the water's surface.  Every shot I took was a little different and more interesting than the last.I was obsessed with the beauty of the water reflections that I saw through the lens.  In my paintings, I try to capture these swirls, ripples and dazzling soft shadows.  The water, though realistic, becomes an impressionistic painting, while gazing into the mesmerizing artwork, one could almost call it abstract.
           The paintings are a result of my process of texturing, pouring, brushing, with layers of mystery, sometimes containing words or a message beneath, giving the painting a voice, yet the works are enjoyed for their beauty.  My paintings can become dramatic and vivid, sometimes quiet and placid, displaying the energetic or serene feeling of the sea. 
           Contained in this "hot off the presses" book, you will get a close look at thirty of my original "water" paintings, favorite inspiring quotes, a glimpse into my artistic life, studio, favorite supplies, what's on my easel, and my furry four-legged assistants! 
           Take a sneak peek at the first 15 pages of Reflections of an Artist by clicking on the link.

                                                                         Thanks for looking!   Joan

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