Sunday, September 16, 2012

So Excited...I regestered for my first e-course!

        I am so excited!  I registered for my very first e-course.  I have taken workshops before to learn a new techique or to learn from an artist that I admire their work.  But, this is different...
This course is online. Yay. And, it is NOT a class to learn how to paint, draw or is a class to learn how to promote yourself and your art as a business! I can read,  learn and follow the information as I want.  I actually registered last night, and already today (Sunday) was Day One, of the first week, of five exciting weeks!   Kelly Rae Roberts is the teacher and I am thrilled to learn from this girl.  I have her book Taking Flight and have admired not only her work, but her continued success...she is such an inspiration!
        I began printing off what the class will cover.  Then, I printed off the first days information. I already slipped those pages into clear "page protectors" and into a brand new binder.  Excited to soak up all the tips she gives out.  More to come my way tomorrow......Can't wait. I am ready to learn.

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