Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Heart the Beach

I have a new friend on Facebook...I HEART THE BEACH.  You must go to her FB page and click "LIKE" . What a special person..she featured my artwork, of paintings, my web-site, my blog and my Etsy shop featuring my hand-painted clutch bags,  all on her blog!! Thank you, my friend!

Check out her blog at  She shares wonderful finds, interesting people,
special beach photos, ..anything to do with, (the bond that glued us together), the BEACH!! If you are a beach lover, too,  you will want to read and subscribe to her lovely blog.
These photos below are from her Etsy shop...She makes amazing beach jewelry ....

If you like beach jewelry, prints, photography and other treasures, beachy or with an island feel...go to her Etsy shop at:

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