Friday, December 17, 2010

"Penny" - Dog Portrait

Here's my latest painting!!!! 
 "PENNY" -The Pit Bull  Dog Portrait
 I know what you're thinking...this is NOT beach related, however, painting is what I do and this is for some very special friends of mine. Alot of us beach-lovers are dog-lovers, too!  I also, take orders to paint dog portraits, so please, e-mail me  or notify me on Facebook if you want more info!!!...but this one will be a Christmas gift.  Their Pit Bull's name is Penny.  She is very gentle and mild, but obssessed with her tennis ball.  It is rare to ever see her without it in her mouth...and when it is, it is because she has rolled it to your feet to throw for her to catch!! I hope they love it, as much as I do!
For more paintings, including other dog portraits, go to:

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